ICGIS 2019 Key note

Seoul, South Korea
8 August 2019

Lipari School 2019

Lipari, Italy
24 July 2019



Turin, Italy


Handicraft evolution through new technologies and fast production systems: no longer limited to a restricted local market, the traditional handicraft industry changes, combining the know-how with distribution and communication, beyond local boundaries and with a greater attention to immaterial factors.

The technological developments which took place during the last years have led to a remarkable evolution in the world of handicraft. The traditional vision bounding handicraft to manual skills and to a know-how only apprehensible by workshop practice, is today accompanied by the ability to manage new automotive means of production. New professions are rising in every sector, linked to a net economy and new technologies. This way, the handicraft market also changes, through the use of new digital technologies and faster production, taking advantage of the potentialities offered by the web.

CREDITS Team: Fondazione GaragErasmus, Francesco Cappè, Clelia Caldesi, Filippo Moroni. carlorattiassociati | walter nicolino & carlo Team: Carlo Ratti, Giovanni de Niederhausern (project leader), Pietro Leoni