Reimagining the Office

Carlo Ratti's take on the post-pandemic workplace

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The first unit is now installed in Turin, IT



Bersone, Italy


How to reuse existing architectural heritage to create a new hi-tech space for recreation and work in a sustainable environment?

The “Baite” project, developed with the Autonomous Province of Trento, aims to conceive and implement a new product for sustainable tourism. The challenge is to reuse existing architectural heritage – abandoned farmhouses, huts and barns – to create an environment promoting active relaxation, the ability to have privacy and work, along with a powerful internet connection linking this piece of nature with the outside world. Thanks to new digital technologies, the same areas used for recreation can be adapted as spaces for meetings or video conferences.


The real heart of the project is the new roof system integrating solar thermal and photovoltaic translucent surfaces with high-efficiency insulation allowing the use of natural light. The new roof respects the proportions and geometry of the traditional roof and fits harmoniously into the landscape through the use of external warping wooden slats, that in every way give the impression of a solid surface concealing the underlying layer of insulation, accomplished by the innovative material Aerogel.

CREDITS A project by carlorattiassociati | walter nicolino & carlo ratti, Team: Carlo Ratti, Giovanni de Niederhausern, Alberto Bottero, Andrea Cassi, Pietro Leoni, Walter Nicolino.