Reimagining the Office

Carlo Ratti's take on the post-pandemic workplace

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The first unit is now installed in Turin, IT



Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Our project for KA CARE aims to develop a new evolutionary model for designing a revolutionary new city in harmony with its environment - an entirely new model of urban living.

The design of KA CARE conjures a landscaped oasis of elegant terraces, cool squares, private courtyard houses and dramatic bridges. This new city will be flexible, parametric and open-source – ensuring that the project evolves and adapts in the best possible way as it grows over space and time. The design for the new city of KA CARE lies within a rich lineage of innovative and investigative projects for systematizing organic growth, yet it also stakes out crucial differences. Its crucial innovation is its core contemporary use of the latest digital technologies to produce an interactive digital model inseparable from both the design and operations of the city. A translucent solar canopy floats ethereally above the inhabited areas, producing vital energy and improving thermal comfort beneath it, threaded with systems and services for nourishing and optimizing the city. This concept will lead the way to many low carbon city refurbishment projects in the hot arid regions of the world where zero carbon energy, modern infrastructure and micro-climate enhancement are so badly needed.

CREDITS carlorattiassociati | walter nicolino & carloratti with MIT Senseable City Lab. Team: Carlo Ratti, Giovanni de Niederhausern. Consultants: Accenture, Agence TER, Atkins, Atmos Studio, Ecologic Studio, Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana Politecnico di Milano, Squint Opera, >Studio FM Milano