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Carlo will be the curator of the 19th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia (2025).


Atlas of the Senseable City, Carlo Ratti's new book, tackles how the growth of digital mapping, is affecting cities and daily life.


LA TORRE Reale Mutua In Vista!


The idea behind LA TORRE is to provide the largest ever window over the city, a view without limits. By using a system of cameras, filming the city outside and reproducing it in real time through projections on the internal walls, we can complete the view of the city framed by windows with a virtual one. The east and west walls and the floor of the cafeteria are transformed into large screens, presenting a view partly real and partly virtual.


At the same time, the design of a new elevator provides various additional functions: increased access to the restaurant and cafe, an escape route in case of emergency and a new scenic route through the sky of Turin. The question here was: how do we create a new elevator without affecting the structure of the tower? The solution: an independent flagpole, slim and light, with elevators that spiral to the top, providing visitors with a 360 ​​degree view over the city.


The new structure becomes a true instrument of vision for the city, leading far off into the horizon.

CREDITS LA TORRE Reale Mutua In Vista!, a project by Carlo Ratti Associati, with Alfredo Russo, Accurat, Francesca Bergamini, Stefano Mirti, Vittorio Neirotti, ONLECO, Prof. Rocco Curto, Prof. Cristina Coscia, NÜSSLI Italia, Flavio Pollano, Bellissimo, De manincor, and Maspero Ascensori. Team: CRA | Walter Nicolino & Carlo Ratti (project designer): Carlo Ratti, Alberto Bottero, Antonio Atripaldi, Pietro Leoni, Walter Nicolino. Alfredo Russo - Dolce Stil Novo alla Reggia, Venaria Reale (gastronomia consultant). Accurat (interaction design): Giorgia Lupi, Simone Quadri, Gabriele Rossi. Francesca Bergamini (interaction design). Stefano Mirti (interaction design). Vittorio Neirotti (structural engineering). ONLECO (MEP engineering): Marco Filippi, Alessia Griginis. Prof. Rocco Curto & Prof. Cristina Coscia (economic feasibility studies & social impact). NÜSSLI Italia (digital installations): Marco Fantini. Flavio Pollano (vertical greenery). Bellissimo (graphic design): Luca Ballarini, Barbara Villanova. Pietro Leoni (video production). De manincor (kitchen design): Nicola Luchi. Maspero Ascensori (elevator design)