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The first unit is now installed in Turin, IT


Makr Shakr



Makr Shakr is a new robotic bartending system that allows users to create, in real time, personalized cocktail recipes through a smart phone application and transform them into crowd-sourced drink combinations. The cocktail creation is assembled by three robotic arms, whose movements – visualized on a large display positioned behind the bar – mimic the actions of a bartender, from the shaking of a martini to the thin slicing of a lemon garnish. The system explores the new dynamics of social creation and consumption – “design, make and enjoy” – and in just the time needed to prepare a new cocktail.


Instead of trying to replace a bartender with a robot, Makr Shakr is a social experiment that looks at how people might embrace the new possibilities offered by digital manufacturing. In Makr Shakr, social connections are woven throughout the co-creation and mixing of ingredients, which are then fed back to the user through the app. With this new technology, consumers can learn from each other, sharing connections, recipes and photos on social networks. Furthermore, Makr Shakr can monitor alcohol consumption and blood alcohol levels – something beyond what a traditional bartender can do – hence promoting responsible drinking.


The project was previewed during Milan Design Week 2013, before being unveiled in its final configuration at Google I/O in San Francisco on May 15, 2013.


To see a video of Makr Shakr in action, visit: www.makrshakr.com