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The first unit is now installed in Turin, IT



Turin, Italy


The aim of this project was to create a series of spaces for temporary exhibitions held in the courtyard of the “Museum A come Ambiente” in Turin. The proposed intervention seeks to create a coherent design for the purposes of both exhibition and movement.

In the project “Museo A come Ambiente,” taking cues from the existing building and the need to give space to a number of exhibits already on site, we proposed a system of mobile pavilions that can have different configurations according to the needs of the curator.


All sides of the pavilion are modular and fully interchangeable, creating numerous different possible configurations of the space. In the basic configuration of the courtyard, presented here, the museum is surrounded by a curtain of pavilions, creating a sort of hortus conclusus (enclosed garden). The facades are also composed of elements with different degrees of transparency to ensure a level of continuity between the courtyard and the surrounding park.

CREDITS Carlo Ratti, Andrea Galanti (project leader), Alberto Bottero, Andrea Cassi, Giovanni de Niederhausern, Pietro Leoni, Walter Nicolino, Jenni Young. Consultants: Structural engineering: Industrial Engineering Consultants Srl - IEC (team: Mauro Corrarati, Cristiano Ferrero, Marco Vigone, Paolo Vigone). Mechanical system design: DMD Engineering (team: Marco Surra) and DMD Studio Associato (team: Anna Rita Amodeo, Aurelio Didero, Giorgio Tonel).