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Modena, Italy


The complex system of courts and open space in the project for Sant Agostino acts as a connecting element of access and flow of movement thereof architectural stratification, which has characterized the history and evolution of this place.

The Sant’Agostino Complex is located in a strategic area within the urban fabric in the center of Modena, close to the avenues and near the Forum Boario.


The project for Sant’Agostino was born and developed around a reflection on the main element that characterizes the site: its network of courtyards and open spaces that provide access and a flow of movement through the space. This is articulated in the architectural stratification, symptomatic of the history and evolution of the Sant’Agostino complex. The landscape of roofs is replicated in the terrain of connecting courtyards at ground level.


In addition to the system of courtyards and pathways, the approach to the existing monument considers the history and diversity in each reconfiguration of the Sant’Agostino complex, believing that the different layers of architecture are an integral and important part of the very soul of this place.

CREDITS carlorattiassociati | walter nicolino & carlo ratti with KKAA Kengo Kuma & Associates. Team: Carlo Ratti, Giovanni de Niederhausern. Consultants: ARUP. Terra e Cavina Architetti