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Helsinki’s Hot Heart

CRA's concept to decarbonize the city's district heating system is one of the winning designs at the Helsinki Energy Challenge.

CRA at Manifesta 14

CRA will participate in cultural biennale Manifesta researching and developing an urban vision for Prishtina, Kosovo.




Times change, furniture design changes… Over the past decades digital and networked technologies have impacted most aspects of our lives: from the way we work to how we access knowledge, meet and get to know each other. How will they transform our domestic furniture? Our Universe brings together seven prototypes that explore this question, across three main axes: the evolution of production processes thanks to the development of new technologies; changing habits due to the ability to interact with our devices; the physical integration of technology with furniture design to provide new functions and services.


The different pieces on show during Milan Design Week 2013 are currently being developed for production by Cassina and Carlo Ratti Associati.

CREDITS Carlo Ratti Associati in collaboration with Cassina Centro Ricerca & Sviluppo (R&D). CRA Team: Carlo Ratti, Andrea Cassi (project leader), Antonio Atripaldi, Alberto Bottero, Giovanni de Niederhausern, Andrea Galli, Alessandro Incisa, Pietro Leoni, Luis Mesejo, Walter Nicolino, Jennifer Young CONSULTANTS MyWall, execution by: Pietro Leoni, Franco Magni. Mag Lev Lazy Susan, in collaboration with: Giancarlo Genta, Andrea Tonoli (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica & Aerospaziale, Politecnico di Torino), FGM (team: Fabrizio Milani). MyWing (freestanding), execution by: FGM (team: Fabrizio Milani). The Looking Glass, execution by: TonicMinds Srl (team: Enrico Gueli), Andrea Patrucco. Chain Sofa, in collaboration with: Mario Sassone (Professore aggregato DAD - Dipartimento di Architettura e Design, Politecnico di Torino), Skylar Tibbits (Department of Architecture, MIT). MyMood, execution by: Illogic Srl (team: Marco Bombara). Special thanks to: Officine Arduino / FabLab Torino. Graphic design by: Studio FM Milano Srl. Multimedia communication by: MyBossWas. Photos by: Max Tomasinelli, MyBossWas and Massimo Nicolino