Shenzhen, China
14 December 2019

Lipari School 2019

Lipari, Italy
24 July 2019


Passage Lumière



Imagine being able to touch the light...

The installation, proposed for the Fête des Lumières 2013, consists of a cloud of LEDs capable of saturating the space within one of the typical urban passageways of Lyon. Flexible LED strips are suspended a metre above the ground, following the architecture and geometry of the passage. People are invited to pass through the installation, as if they were entering a screen. As they walk through the passageway they are completely immersed in pixels, gently moving the blades of light. Once beyond the matrix, it becomes readable like a traditional LED display, displaying dynamic content as desired.


The resolution of the screen is determined by the installation of the strips: 10 centimeters apart. The only structure needed is the support for the LED strips, installed just below the ceiling of the passage. The structure will host the electrical power system and allow it to be controlled digitally.

CREDITS Passage Lumière, a proposal by Carlo Ratti Associati for the Fête des Lumières 2013, Lyon. TEAM: Carlo Ratti Associati (project designer): Carlo Ratti, Walter Nicolino, Pietro Leoni (project leader), Andrea Galli, Andrea Cassi