ICGIS 2019 Key note

Seoul, South Korea
8 August 2019

Lipari School 2019

Lipari, Italy
24 July 2019



Boston, USA


What will be the legacy of the digital revolution in architecture and planning?

In the past few years, the academic and professional debate has focused primarily on form-making. Founded in late 2002-early 2003, the SENSEable City Lab and carlorattiassociati have been exploring a number of possible future directions, from the use of mobile devices that describe urban space in real time, to new tangible user interfaces that redefine the design process.

CREDITS carlorattiassociati in collaboration with MIT Senseable City Lab, Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab and with the sponsorship of MIT School of Architecture + Planning and the cellphone operator A1 | Mobilkom