ICGIS 2019 Key note

Seoul, South Korea
8 August 2019

Lipari School 2019

Lipari, Italy
24 July 2019



Brisbane, Australia


A new idea for Brisbane: the DIGITAL(sub)TROPICAL or the theory of a union between climate and technology that allows for the global phenomena of working freely outdoors.

While based in Brisbane and exploring the DIGITAL(sub)TROPICAL theme, we developed a brief and some design proposals for a DIGITAL(sub)TROPICAL space.


The site for this responsive work environment was “The Edge,” a unique space, adjacent to the State Library of Queensland and facing the city center. The goals for the design were developed through the above research and a desire to create design ideas that could be replicated elsewhere in the city and state as well as a unique outdoor working experience that would attract the world’s creative minds to Brisbane.


We designed two proposals for “The Edge.”

CREDITS carlorattiassociati in collaboration with MIT Senseable City Lab, Carlo Ratti, Giovanni de Niederhausern (project leader)