ICGIS 2019 Key note

Seoul, South Korea
8 August 2019

Lipari School 2019

Lipari, Italy
24 July 2019





In the early nineties many urban planners and sociologists speculated about the end of cities. Only fourteen years ago, the view was that, as digital media and the internet had killed distance, they would also kill cities. In fact, cities have never prospered as much as they have over the past couple of decades: our planet has now embarked on a road to urbanization and this process is expected to continue and grow in the years to come, with an important impact on economic and social development. The Smart(er) Cities Manual outlines the benefits that will arise from public and private entities adopting a “smart city” strategy: increasing a region’s competitiveness and improving its transport system, ICT and natural resources, human and social capital, quality of life and participation of citizens in the governance of the city.