Reimagining the Office

Carlo Ratti's take on the post-pandemic workplace

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The first unit is now installed in Turin, IT





Most CNC furniture has a rigid feel. That is not the case for Swish, a birch plywood prototype of a sinuous and dynamic stool. Its assembly is simply obtained by interlocking the components, without the need for additional hardware. Swish is the winner of the Back to Stool design competition, held during the 2016 Milan Design Week and organized by MioCugino workshop, whose goals are the development and diffusion of open source design.


When its legs are open, they create the appearance of a sinuous surface, but Swish is movable: it can be folded in few seconds, with a swish. Swish continues an exploration – present in various projects carried out over the years by Carlo Ratti Associati – of objects and architectures that can change and adapt their shape to different functions.


Swish is produced with CNC machines and its design is completely open source and ready for open making. Download it here.