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The first unit is now installed in Turin, IT


TRUSSARDI DEHORS – The Unexpected Garden

Milan, Italy


The proposed extension of the Trussardi Cafe through a closed terrace, in the French style, follows a study of new functions for the ground floor of the headquarters of the fashion house in Piazza della Scala, Milan.

The new terrace acts as a glass case with a real hanging garden suspended from the roof, made possible thanks to the “green wall” invented by the French botanist Patrick Blanc.


More than 120 different plant species are placed on the thin support structure, creating the effect of a green cloud floating in space. In addition to the visual effect, 100 square meters of plant life are brought into the square without taking up floor space, improving air quality and providing shade during the summer season.


It is estimated that for each car eliminated thanks to the pedestrianized square, there are an additional 5 square meters of greenery. With the use of a living element as the building material the entire structure can be interpreted as an organism with its own metabolism.

CREDITS: carlorattiassociati | walter nicolino & carlo ratti Team: Carlo Ratti, Walter Nicolino. Consultants: Structure: Polar Glass System; Vertical greenery: Patrick Blanc; Interior design: David Drago; Lighting: Artemide